Vision & Mission


To be the regional and global pre-eminence furniture brand.

We aspire to make Novel the world’s premier furniture company, delivering high-quality furniture in the luxury lifestyle market. We anticipate the needs of our customers and make all effort to exceed our customers’ expectation – turning their dream home into existence. Novel has adopt quality as the key differentiation for all products and brands. Along with that, we promotes furniture industry development that aligns with cutting edge technology and digital transformation. We seek to produce healthy financial rewards for investors as we provide opportunities for growth and enrichment to our employees, our business partners, and the communities in which we operate. In everything we do, we are committed to act in highest integrity, sincerity, sustainability, and fairness.
We are committed to creating a culture of inclusivity, where there are opportunities for all, everyone feels like they belong, and different perspectives are valued. NOVEL encourages diversity, comprehensiveness and uniqueness. We appreciate our individual set of skills and teamwork which collectively contributed and collaborated. From individuals to teams, from daily routine work to team-building programs, we strive to maintain an inclusive, happy and yet productive culture for our workforces.

Our Responsibilities

We treasure our organization and teams. As such, we have created a culture where: 

Group Value Statement

We value integrity, and sincerity. sustainability, competency, self-transcendence, innovation, and diversity. NOVEL is committed to all customers, business partners, and stakeholders of our professionalism and passion in the industry, with accountability and reliability of the business. We keep a steady pace forward, self-improve, take an intelligent risks and constantly surpass ourselves, moving towards our visions and missions.

We strive for a better tomorrow and a greater future as we are NOVELI!