Our history

Creativity from the heart of the wood


Mr Wong Thian Choy, founder of Novel, look up furniture industry in Malaysia.


The first large scale Novel Furniture manufacturing factory (Novel Furniture Sdn Bhd) was born in Malaysia.


When Hong Kong was returned to China sovereignty, Novel became a widely known brand among the high-end noble class in Malaysia. As well as the synonym of high-end integrated furniture. The company occupy the international market (OEM) in the same year. Novel products were sold to Asian Europe, USA, Africa, Australia and Russia.


The first high-end integrated furniture gallery of Novel has launched in Malaysia.


Novel set up a manufacturing company in Guangdong Province, China to produce sofa.


The second manufacturing factory of Novel was put into operation in Malaysia.


Novel Furniture Group has a total of 800 employees in Malaysia and Guangdong, and the factories covered total of 70,000 square meters. The chairman of the board Mr Wong Thian Choy was first time appointed as the vice chairman of MFIC (Malaysia Furniture Industry Council) and KSFA (Kuala Lumpur and Selangor Furniture Association).


Directorate of Novel Group enter the highly booming China market of 1.3 billion people.


The second integrated furniture gallery of Malaysia was launched.


Novel officially entered mainland China and the whole sale career strode into a new milestone.


The third integrated furniture showroom of Novel was launched in Malaysia; by then the total of Novel furniture gallery covered over 6000 square meters.


Beside Malaysia and China Markets, Novel growth rapid at the international market. Showroom was launched in Oman, one of the ancient Arabian countries.


The integrated furniture showroom were opened respectively in the United Arab Emirates and Kuwait (total area of 6000 square meters).


Novel was focused on the whole world market, began to occupy international market and planned to establish unique integrated showroom in all the continental markets. Mr Wong Thian Choy, Chairman of the board, was appointed as the vice chairman of MFIC and KSFA once again. In the same year, the fourth, fifth and sixth integrated gallery were respectively opened in Malaysia.


The seventh integrated gallery was launched in East Malaysia. Meanwhile the total area Novel furniture gallery in Malaysia exceeded 110,000 square meters. Besides, another Novel integrated furniture gallery were respectively launch in the United Arab Emirates. Novel Kitchen has launched. Making its debut in kitchen manufacturing, Novel is wise beyond its years when it comes to applying necessities in a home.


Novel Bedding and Novel Interior have launched. Being a one-stop with the total home concept, it’s one more step closer to our Novel mission.


After several years, market explorations and augmentation in main-land China market, Novel’s fashionable furniture would show its brand-new image to the consumers; original design and efficient management & professionalism to exploit and occupy higher level of achievements.


The integrated furniture showroom was launched in Angola, making its first debut in the Africa continent. In the same year, Novel expand its production capacity with new advanced machinery.


Moving towards Industrial 4.0 by upgrading machinery with more advance technology and synchronization.